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Hybrid Work; Birthed By Systems Thinking.

Hybrid work requires a systems thinking approach to risk management. Solutions for specific and singular areas without understanding how different pieces fit together in the larger context would not help.


The alternative to layoffs 

Layoffs are easy. And like all easy answers, they are usually wrong. Hybrid work is hard to risk manage, but like all such things, far more worthwhile in the long run. 

remote work gender equality inclusion

Remote Work Equals Gender Inclusion.

Remote Work acts as a junction for women who are educated and willing but unable to work owing to unjust cultural and social structures.

The Seventh Heaven Of Corporate Paradise 

As remote and hybrid work, flexibility, and freedom take over, following an ideal and being passionate about your work and career advancement is still a significant individual responsibility for people. The steps to the seventh heaven of corporate paradise.

Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell

Psychological and emotional safety at a job whether remote or hybrid work or on-premise work has not received the emphasis it should. If Dante were to write about a Hell of a psychologically unstable and unsafe workplace, he would’ve mentioned these nine circles.