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remote work gender equality inclusion

Remote Work Equals Gender Inclusion.

Remote Work acts as a junction for women who are educated and willing but unable to work owing to unjust cultural and social structures.

Nine and Seven

Intelligence is often described as the ability to hold two opposing views in the mind and still continue to function.
It requires balance.
Balance is brutally difficult. Take for example, the push and pull between employer and employee expectations. The Great Resignation. Quiet Quitting. Quiet Firing.
Can there be a middle ground?

Hybrid Work Carbon Offset

Carbon Footprint & the Future of Work

Countless advantages have emerged for employers, employees and for society but the last of these hasn’t received enough discussion. Let’s look at the impact on society, starting with the positive impact of Hybrid work on climate change and carbon footprint.

Our Thoughts On ‘The New Normal’ covered by The India Saga

The conversation about the ‘new normal’ is gaining momentum each day. It is now being dubbed the ‘new struggle’ and rightly so. We have been adding our thoughts to this movement for over a year now. Leading online news outlet captures some of our ideas and statements in their latest piece about this agenda.

Necessity = Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention – a proverb which can be traced back to the dialogue ‘Republic’ where Plato wrote “our need will be the real creator.” Some ‘necessities’ take longer to reach mass consciousness.

The Gen/remotion/al Gap

With a paradigm shift from conventional working methods to a ‘new normal’ where work now is looked at with a more flexible and blended approach, a generational gap in thought processes is more than evident. We imagine a conversation between a father and his son where they talk about their professional life and what it was and is about.