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Hybrid Work; Birthed By Systems Thinking.

Hybrid work requires a systems thinking approach to risk management. Solutions for specific and singular areas without understanding how different pieces fit together in the larger context would not help.

Remote Work Savings Commute Jackstien Practices

Live Beyond Your Means.

Remote work, apart from giving more time and freedom to do things other than work, has led people to save so much money over these years.  A fictionalised account on the economics of remote work.

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Remote & Hybrid Work – How it Came to Be – Part II 

The long road that led us to remote work was inevitable in hindsight. Lets see how the consumer culture, capitalism and population led us on this point today, with remote and hybrid work now an inevitable reality. Though the change is upon us, the ability to risk-manage the change hasn’t developed as quickly as needed.

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How Remote & Hybrid Work Came To Pass 

What were the events that even enabled us to leverage remote work to begin with? Sometimes a reminder of the basics help. These reminders can also help you understand the differences between enablement and adaptation. Adaptation in the present, requires risk management. To improve the present, one must understand the past

The Organisation in the Arena – Supporting the Mental Health of Your Remote Employees

Today, the world is moving in a remote-first direction. This direction is being pushed to pursue greater heights, thanks to the outcomes of the great resignation. Organisations that deliver on the remote demands of the employees thrive, but come face-to-face with a lot of challenges, the most important being the mental health of their people

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Remote work and Disability Inclusion: The What and How

The current shift in work setups and systems across the world led by remote work and hybrid workplaces enables differently-abled (disabled) people who were always willing to work but couldn’t find enough opportunities that didn’t collide with their disabilities, to gain employment progress in their careers and receive a more equal, balanced chance at economic independence.

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Manifestation Of The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation appears to be a direct manifestation of a remote and hybrid first economy and is a change in how employees and workers now look at work in general; starting with “why should I work for you”