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Hybrid Work; Birthed By Systems Thinking.

Hybrid work requires a systems thinking approach to risk management. Solutions for specific and singular areas without understanding how different pieces fit together in the larger context would not help.

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Gone Are The Days

The New Employee ‘Worth It’ Equation; a quick analysis of the new-age approach towards a satisfying work environment.

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The Easy Wrong Answer

Transitioning to hybrid work may feel new and risky to employers in terms of placing confidence in their employees, but maybe they may do well to evaluate whether they were really better off earlier or is hybrid or remote work just the easiest but wrong thing to place the blame on.

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Live Beyond Your Means.

Remote work, apart from giving more time and freedom to do things other than work, has led people to save so much money over these years.  A fictionalised account on the economics of remote work.

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Remote & Hybrid Work – How it Came to Be – Part II 

The long road that led us to remote work was inevitable in hindsight. Lets see how the consumer culture, capitalism and population led us on this point today, with remote and hybrid work now an inevitable reality. Though the change is upon us, the ability to risk-manage the change hasn’t developed as quickly as needed.


The alternative to layoffs 

Layoffs are easy. And like all easy answers, they are usually wrong. Hybrid work is hard to risk manage, but like all such things, far more worthwhile in the long run. 

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How Remote & Hybrid Work Came To Pass 

What were the events that even enabled us to leverage remote work to begin with? Sometimes a reminder of the basics help. These reminders can also help you understand the differences between enablement and adaptation. Adaptation in the present, requires risk management. To improve the present, one must understand the past

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Future of Work Trends – 2023

As we start the countdown to 2023 it makes sense to look at the Future of Work trends for Remote and Hybrid Work that companies and employers should look out for