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Hybrid Work – So Near Yet So Far

The ready consensus is that hybrid work is better than being fully remote. So why is it proving so difficult?

‘Digital Payments : The Way Forward’

Jackstien Practices partners with the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry for interactive webinar on ‘Digital Payments : The Way Forward’.

Cost, Risk and the Right Questions …

Jackstien Practices’ Cost & Risk Consulting vertical specializes in helping you identify the right questions before we answer them…

The Peacemaker; Remote & Hybrid Work Today

Todays Remote or Hybrid Work is a patchwork hastily thrown together. Tomorrows Remote and Hybrid Workplaces will be sustainable and cohesive, designed from the ground up.

Remote Work; Free Lunch?

Businesses gain much with Remote and Hybrid Work. Employees seem to too. Does everyone win? Is it the proverbial free lunch for the economy? Not quite.