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Re.Motion – Origin Story

Remote and Hybrid work is the greatest change to the way we work in generations and is here to stay. However, no great leap of progress has ever arrived exclusively as a benefit. Remote and Hybrid work has upended decades of ingrained practices, processes and structures that were suddenly ill-equipped to deal with the new world.

Every day, more and more benefits or Remote & Hybrid Work are discovered even as more and more problems cropped up.

We were immensely struck by the way in which these problems prevented business’ from harnessing the power of remote and hybrid work.

Work, not Workplaces

Some considered Remote and Hybrid Work as an HR issue, some a Technology issue, others an Administrative issue and yet others considered it a Real Estate issue. Remote Work and Hybrid work is all of these yet none of these.

Some organisations set up multi-departmental committees but landed up suffering fractured policies with gaps and inefficiencies cropping up daily.

In reality, most thought of Remote or Hybrid as a description for workplaces. However, it’s more than where you work – it’s how you work.

The departmental structure that most businesses have evolved has served us well. The unfortunate truth, however, is that this structure simply does not allow for cohesive thinking. It is, by design, intended to be segmented by expertise.

As the saying goes, “there had to be a better way”. The Right Way.

With a vision to enable businesses to leverage the vast benefits of Remote and Hybrid Work, we set about making tremendous investments in research and development.

We have identified and studied each of the admittedly many problems of remote and hybrid work (some will surprise you).

Our Re.Motion consulting stack (the first of its kind in the world) is born from this vision to transition companies to Remote & Hybrid Work, the Right Way…




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